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LAURAdancelv  I  Etiquette

Traditional Rules of Dance Etiquette


  • Respectful and correct posture, as well as attitude must be maintained throughout the entire class.

  • Wear proper dance attire, shoes and hair pertaining to the class you are taking. 






  • Attention should be directed towards the instructor at all times in all class. 

  • Do not eat or go to bags if allowed in the room during class.

  • Do not wear jewelry or watches.

  • Do not ever go on your phone during class unless directed by the instructor to video.

  • Sitting down is allowed only with the expressed permission of the instructor.

  • When another group is dancing, prepare yourself to begin dancing as they finish.  Practice when appropriate while waiting.

  • Do not talk when another group is dancing or working through choreography.

  • Do not suggest changes to the instructor's choreography or class structure.

  • It is disrespectful to come to class and not put forth your full effort.

  • It is disrespectful to yawn out loud in class.

  • It is disrespectful to stand with your arms crossed in class when the instructor is talking or giving directions. 

  • Learn and assimilate the exercises quickly in order to receive the most out of the class. This is an art in itself and must be practiced.

  • Pay attention to and assimilate corrections given to other individuals. If the correction is directed toward another person, apply it to your own learning.

  • Do not give corrections to other students in the class, this is disrespectful to the instructor and other students. Corrections should only come from the instructor unless alternative direction was given.

  • Do not try to "teach" or talk over the instructor. Unless direction is given from the instructor to review choreography or exercises, you should never express your ideas out load in a class setting unless asked to do so.

  • Give thanks to the instructor at the end of each class.

  • You should always be respectful and supportive or other dancers.

  • Your attitude effects the energy in the room.  Do not come to class with a sour attitude or unwillingness to put forth your full attention and effort.  This effects the class intensity and distracts others from their full potential of learning.  

  • Be kind and welcoming to new dancers in the room or studio.  It is intimidating to go in to a new studio space or at convention.  Have a positive presence.  Be a go-to dancer that is a leader and can work well with others.  

BALLET  - above plus

  • Finish each exercise in the instructed stance and remain until the music is completely finished.

  • Always wear hair pulled back and appropriate ballet attire.

  • Never sit in class unless stretching or the instructor has told you to do so.

  • When you are finished with an exercise in the center, leave the floor as quickly as possible.

  • At the end of an exercise, move only after the last note of the music has finished ringing.

  • Do not yawn or lean on the barre or wall.

  • Always maintain posture throughout the class.

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